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Who we are

Art Lab is a 501c3 non-profit art school located on the property of Snug Harbor Cultural Center. Art Lab offers four semesters of classes and workshops throughout the year. These classes provide art instruction and appreciation for students of all ages, beginners to advanced levels.  Art Lab also offers exhibition space, special programs and events to help fulfill it’s mission. It is a valued member of New York’s arts and educational community and is a vital part of the cultural life of Staten Island.


The ART LAB’S purpose is to offer Staten Island the best possible and most professional independent school of fine and applied art, and to bring knowledge and appreciation of artistic excellence to the metropolitan community through regular classes, exhibitions, demonstrations, workshops and lectures.

To this end our goals are:

• To enable artists to refine the skills necessary for art-related careers.
• To assist non-professional artists of all ages to develop their talents to the highest levels of skill and enjoyment.
• To help young adults bridge the transition from secondary school to professional standing.
• To develop scholarship programs to insure that students may nurture and use their talents regardless of economic limitations.
• To collaborate with other cultural and educational organizations in programming that will expand Art Lab’s ability to serve the multi-cultural community while maintaining the integrity of its overall objectives.