ErinKelli Kilbane

ErinKelli Kilbane is an expressionist artist, muralist, curator, and teacher from Staten Island. Kilbane received her Bachelor’s degree in painting and drawing from SUNY Purchase in 2013, then continued her studies traveling through Italy. She is primarily a painter/drawer who exhibits an analytical and sculptural understanding to investigate anatomy and its interactions with the world around us. Often depicting women contorted and exaggerated to fit within a canvas’s geometric enclosure, the subject material is sizable, pronounced, and controversial. She showcases intense personal toil whilst disclosing auras of eroticism, subsequently advocating awareness for deviance.The fascination derives from an intimate consciousness of body image and how societal ideals form cliches.

ErinKelli organizes shows and events that often incorporates large mural installations, costumes, and interactive exhibits that involve the community. She also frequently displays her work in NYC and its neighboring boroughs. Recently, her heart tree mural was named in the top ten street art pieces of 2015 by Through her work she hopes to establish connections and relate messages that initiate reactions by engaging all viewers.

Website links:
Instagram and twitter- @erinkelli_k