Ceramic Handbuilding and Small Sculpture Spring 24 /Mon


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Enjoy some easy fun and creativity!

Materials: You will need one block of clay for this class. The block will last you for the whole session. You can purchase on your first day of class at the Art Lab office for $24.46. 


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Ceramic Handbuilding and Small Sculpture
Henry Glener
482.2 | Mon 1:30- 4:30 PM | Room E
Begins April 22 | $380 | 10 Weeks

Introductory class will concentrate on the techniques of pinching, coil, and slab building during the class and encourage the development of pottery and practical objects as well as encourage small sculpture. A kiln is on the premises and we fire as needed.  Extra attention is paid to new students and beginners. Returnees welcome. This class meets once a week for 10 weeks. 

A $20 registration fee will be applied to the total. 

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