Painting Alla Prima (Bilingual Instructor) FA21 /Sun *NEW*


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Painting Alla Prima – *Bilingual Instructor*  *NEW* (18 +) 
Carolina Amarillo
122.8 | Sun 11:30PM –  2:00PM | Room F
Begins September 26 | $320 | 10 weeks

 This class approaches the direct painting method of Alla Prima, which means First
Attempt. Students address the challenge of painting from observation and from the figure
using strategies to be as fast and realistic as they can.
Wet – on – wet painting explores the idea of thinking with paint and gestural views to
create a robust, solid, and vivid painting. From the Grisaille to a full – palette painting is
the path this course takes with material as an extension of sketching with paint.
The student will develop criteria and efficiency through structing the modeling, tonal
scales, encountering the volume and atmosphere, and color explorations.


$20 registration fee applies to the total. Instructor speaks both Spanish and English.