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BIO OF MICHAEL PARKMichael Park is a two-time graduate of Pratt Institute, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications Design (Illustration) and a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts (Painting).  At Pratt Institute, he was the last editor of the college’s student comic book ACME COMICS.  Shortly after graduating from Pratt, he went to work for his animation professor John Snyder on an animated adaptation of DICK WHITTINGTON’S CAT for Snyder’s Luzerne Productions and from there, went onto character designs for Al Brodax’s sequel to YELLOW SUBMARINE, entitled STRAWBERRY FIELDS.

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COMIC BOOK ART (ages 9-12 years old) *New*
Instructor: Michael Park |
Rm B
731.5  Begins April 20| $332| 10:00am-12:00pm
Simple creation of ashcan comics from stapled-together, folded papers.  A concentration on cartoon- and animation-based design and on the sheer joy of sequential art storytelling! This class meets once a week for 10 weeks.
A $20 registration fee will be added to the total.
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