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Margaret has been making jewelry for close to 20 yrs and became interested in crocheted wire work 10 years ago.  She has had her work for sale at the Open Center in Manhattan, sold in shops and boutiques in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Upstate, City Island, and of course Staten Island.  She has sold in various shops and boutiques here as well as having had pieces in the Richmond Town Gift Shop for a while.  Margaret has sold for several consecutive years at the Fence Show, the Conference House, the Westerleigh Music Festival, Art by the Ferry and lots more.  People know “Libra Designs” and her “Crocheted Jewelry”.

This class meets once a week for 8 weeks. 


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Crochet Wire Jewelry Making *NEW*
Margaret Sallemi
451.1 | THURS 6:00-9:00 PM | Room A
Begins April 21st | $273+ | 8 Weeks

Crochet Wire Jewelry Making

The class begins with various simple earrings, going into bracelets and bangles, to choker necklaces, pendants, and v-shaped necklaces. Explore your creativity with wire!


26 Gauge Wire – any color; Crochet Hook – Size 5 mm; Seed pearls and/or tiny stones – 4mm; Crystals Pearls – 5-6 mm; Natural Stone Chips; Ear wires; Lobster Clasps; Round Nose Pliers; Chain Nose Pliers; Wire Knippers; Ruler; Roll of Scotch Tape; Brush on Crazy Glue; 1 Coffee Mug

please note:

  • Crocheting skills are not necessary, but helpful
  • You can purchase these supplies at any craft store
  • Parawire is recommended for wire – It is available online or by calling 973-672-0500

This class meets once a week for 8 weeks. 

A $20 registration fee will be applied to the total. 

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Margaret Sallemi


Art Lab Room A