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Draw like Leonardo – An Introductory Workshop
Anna Efanova
112.8 | Mon 6:00 – 8:00 PM
Begins May 17 | $189 | 5 weeks

Draw like Leonardo 
A workshop for people who cannot draw!
No previous experience needed.

You don’t need a talent to draw, but you do need to learn how to look and transfer what you see on paper. You can draw realistically after learning these methods.  No previous experience needed.
Class 1: intro, preliminary drawing, copying exercise
Class 2: line exercises
Class 3: white on white practice, values
Class 4: half a face
Class 5: final drawing, reflection
Materials Required:
plain drawing paper 10-15 pages
pencil (or set of pencils HB, 2B, H – this is optional)
white egg
mirror or camera to see your face
A $20 registration fee will apply to the total.