Enamel Earring Workshop

Sage Reynolds

#450.2 | 10AM – 2PM | Room A

Saturday July 27 | $125 | 1 Day ONLY

This is an introductory class, open to everyone who would like to make torch fired enamel earrings. Basic metal work techniques will be a part of making the earring including cutting, shaping, and other components used to make metal earrings. You will prepare copper for enamels and assemble the final earrings. If you have jewelry tools, bring them; pliers, wire cutters tweezers, files, and riveting hammer will come in handy. Sterling ear wires are available, if you have sterling wire (20 gauge), you will be shown show how to make ear wires. Copper and Enamels in a variety of colors are supplied.

You will need to bring a small butane torch to this workshop!

There is no registration fee for this 1 day workshop.