Intro to Black & White Photography Thu Fall 23 *New*


Students will need to have their own cameras as well as a way of editing photos at home to share with the class.

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Introduction to Black & White Photography 
Kevyn Fairchild
417.4  Thursday|6:00-8:00pm|Room B
Begins October 12|$184
In this three week workshop students will be introduced to the art of shooting black and white photographs. Students will be taught how to use any type of camera (film or digital) to get some great results in this highly expressive art form. During the first week we’ll go over the key things to look at when taking black and white photographs as well as how to use simple as well as advanced techniques to process these images. Then we’ll spend the second and third weeks refining the process through images students have taken using the things that we have learned during the workshop. This workshop meets for 3 weeks, October 12, 26, and November 2.