Painting with Color Spring 24 *New*


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In this 3 day workshop you will learn to enhance your color blending skills.

Supplies you will need for this workshop:

Primary color acrylic paint: 2 different blues,2 different reds,2 different yellows, black, and white, Watercolor tube paint set

Mixed media paper pad, any size


Brushes, both synthetic and natural hair

In stock



Painting with Color *New*
Maria Alekseev

123.4 |Mon 6:30-9:30PM|Room A
Begins April 22

|$208| 3 Weeks


An inspiring workshop focused on the art of using color. In just a few sessions, you’ll learn formulas and techniques that will elevate your artwork to the next level just by learning how to improve how you use color. Learn how to mix colors effectively creating dynamic color harmonies that add experience to your artwork. We will be working with acrylic and watercolor paints, but these lessons can be applied to any medium using color. *You can further continue your journey in my next workshop Series Painting & Creating your Artistic Style starting May 6th! This workshop meets once a week for 3 consecutive weeks.


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