Photographers Showcase/Meaning of Photography/Fall 2019


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Forum on the Meaning of Photography
411.3 Sunday 1:00 – 4:00 PM November 10 , $75
This workshop is a departure from our usual ‘tutorial’ classes – a
chance for the student to have a platform to show their own work.
You will share your work with the class, and if you like; talk about
the meaning of the photographs to you. You will first see the
work of fine art photographer Jay Maisel, and hear his articulate
quotes on the meaning of taking pictures. Then it’s your turn. Each
student will get ot show up to 15 photos, hopefully the pride of
your collection. Bring any photograph that strikes your fancy, even
a few that aren’t yours. We will have a lively discussion about the
importance of photography in our lives, and gain some inspiration
for future picture taking. Bring 5-15 photos to class, in any form; print, on your laptop, or cell phone.