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Griselda Lessard Healy grew up in St. James, Long Island, New York. There she studied still-life and landscape painting with Paul Russotto before moving to Europe and later Canada, where she studied and worked primarily as a musician while never letting her painting work fall far from hand and mind. When Griselda returned to the USA in 1987, her focus moved primarily towards figure painting, sculpture, and drawing. She studied in NYC at the Art Students League with Harvey Dinnerstein and at the National Academy of Design with Mary Beth McKenzie.

You can see more of Griselda’s work on her Website

Required/Suggested Materials:

Required: drawing pad or drawing paper no smaller than 14 inches x 17inches.

Pencils, soft and hard: #2, B4, B6, eraser.

Students may also choose any of the following materials:

Vine charcoal and charcoal pencils (hard and soft) with appropriate easer and charcoal paper

Pastels with appropriate paper

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Portraiture: Drawing the Face
Griselda Healy
118.6 | Mon 1:00-4:00PM, Room F
Begins April 8 | $302 | 6 weeks

One of the most difficult challenges in drawing and painting is drawing a likeness of the model. This class will focus on portraiture, understanding the underlying structure of the face, which will help the student to draw a correct head shape, followed by drawing the correct placement and shape for each feature, be it eyes, nose, and/or mouth. By understanding the relation of the features within the form of the head, the student will be able to achieve a likeness of the model. The first four weeks students will be encouraged to draw a self-portrait. The final two weeks the class will draw from a set pose with a live model.  This is a six week class.

A $20 Registration Fee will be added to your total.

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