Salt Print Workshop *NEW* Winter 23


For this workshop, you will need: An 8×10 picture frame with clips that we will turn into a contact print frame.

A laptop with Photoshop or Photo Pea capability ( Contact us in advance if you need help with this. Photo Pea is  free and Photoshop has a free 1st time trial. )

Sun glasses

We will be using the darkroom for washing , and fixing the final prints.

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Salt Print Photography Workshop *NEW*

Eric Mayr /Wednesday 7:00-9:00pm
January 11, 18 & 25

Course #415.4 Cost $160

The salt print is one of the earliest print processes that was used in the 1800’s. The process is capable of exhibiting a very long tone range when exposed to the sun and creates an interesting and unique effect. In this workshop students will learn how to make salt prints out of photographs.

This is a 3 session workshop. In the first session we will construct a contact print frame out of the picture frame supplied by the student. In the second session we will talk about negatives, both film and digital. In the last session we will print  our negatives and process our prints.

*There is no registration fee for this workshop*