Using your digital camera’s.. Fall 2019 Sat-Sun


New Camera?  Don’t know what to do with those buttons and features?  Join this workshop and in two days, you will jump to the head of the class!  See full details below.

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Evy Reinhart

Using Your Camera’s Buttons and Features

412.1 Sat & Sun 10:30 AM – 2:30 PM Gallery

September 21 & 22– $126 members/$133 non members

Did you purchase a camera and are unsure how to use its features? In this class you will learn what all those buttons on your camera actually do, and how to take better pictures. You will learn how to use the camera in manual mode without using “auto”.  You will learn how to expose pictures correctly by adjusting the ISO, aperture and shutter speed.  You will practice photographing in manual mode on the second day of the workshop.

 $20 Registration fee is added to your total.