Ceramic Handbuilding for Teens Spring 24 /Mon


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This class meets once a week for 10 weeks. A supplies are included in the class cost including firing clay.


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Ceramic Handbuilding for Teens (13-17)
Henry “Hank” Glener

682.1 | Mon  5:00- 7:00PM | Room E
Began April 22 | $276 | 8 Weeks  Remaining

Students will learn different varieties of clay work such as coil, slab, pinch pots, joined clay and pressed molds, which will be glazed with different glazing methods and fired in the onsite kiln. Students will have the opportunity to explore their own creativity. All materials, including clay, are included.
This class meets once a week for 10 weeks. 

A $20 registration fee will be applied to the total. 

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