How to Paint with Oil/ Spring 24


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Supplies you will need for this class:

Brushes (do NOT purchase a set, buy individual brushes):  # 8, #6, #4, #2 and #0 flat plus #4 filbert 
Paints, (do NOT purchase a set, buy individual tubes):
Titanium white, (large) – Ivory black – cadmium red medium – cadmium lemon yellow, yellow ochre 
Ultra-marine blue – thalo blue – burnt umber – Alizarin crimson – thalo green
Rags: Bring a small rag. Cotton rags are the best. Old sweat socks, sweat pants, pajamas.
Paper towel: bring a roll of paper towels.  Viva or cheap brands work best because they don’t shed.
1. A small bottle of Linseed oil.
2. Odorless paint thinner, at least a pint. Must be artist grade. The odorless thinners from Home
Depot and hardware stores are NOT acceptable alternatives.
3. A palette pad and small palette knife
4. A canvas pad (100% cotton canvas, not paper) or canvas boards/stretched canvas. Sizes: 9×12″ or 12×16″
5. A medium size metal or glass jar with a cover
6. 1″ wide roll of masking tape.

If you have painted before, bring samples to show, either originals or on phone.

This class meets once a week for 10 weeks.

In stock



How to Paint with Oil
Brandon Stone
127.9 | Wed 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM | Room F
Begins April 10 | $375 | 10 Weeks

Learn to see the world in terms of forms and tonal values. The wet on wet oil painting techniques will be used. Students will develop the ability to translate what they see in terms of decisive minimum brush strokes an to construct and lay out a composition so as to achieve the greatest impact and appeal. Individual attention will be given to all students whether they are beginners or advanced. This class meets once a week for 10 weeks.

A $20 registration fee will be applied to the total.



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